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When Android started getting the name, a very good majority of the people started showing interest in the “smartphone” concept. Well, android played well in the market and the technology helped a lot of people to improve their lives with

No, the kid representing the above image is not yet fully ready to play his first smartphone game, but beware because your kid might be on a smartphone game right now when you’re reading this article. Smartphones revolution had it’s own

FDA is getting into all kinds of app businesses, but the result looks promising. Just like the old school accreditations and certifications provided by government authorized agencies or government department itself, FDA is now giving certifications to apps that come

AirPods received the worst impressions from people around the world including the Apple fans. They had thoughts like “It’s poor design, it’s super expensive (it definitely is) and it slips out of the ears very easily”. Well, all these impressions

Apart from Artificial Intelligence, there is yet another technology that everyone is looking forward to, and that is 5G. There is some tough competition for that technology too. And among the various competitors are Intel and Qualcomm. But recent developments

Everyone is pretty excited about Samsung’s new foldable phone, and all the features that such a device would hold. And given the history of smartphones, that is bound to be a trend. A company releases a feature, and other companies

After a long wait, YouTube has finally rolled out its version for the Nintendo Switch. And as one can expect, with this version, one can watch videos on Nintendo’s console even if it is held in one hand, or if

What does first come to mind when you hear “blockchain company”? You would never even consider space exploration or asteroid mining. Well, that is exactly what ConsenSys, a blockchain company created by Joe Lubin has done. The company just bought

It would be safe to say that this month was owned by Google, OnePlus, and Apple. These companies released a ton of products that has made everyone crazy, and rightly so. These products are some top notch ones, and they

If you thought that Google is behind designing only smart devices and software, then you have had it all wrong. Google is so much more than that. Google’s plans are beyond imagination and involve building, not just technologies for cities,

On its official blog, Mozilla announced that the company would be releasing a brand new redesigned interface, and also a new experience of creating content that would be monetized. Well, honestly that is a lot. How can a web browser

There might be many things that smartphone tend to compete with each other about. Might be the camera, the screen, the make or any other feature. But one consistent feature over which smartphone companies have always fought about is speed.