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Apple is facing problems with the production of the Apple Watch. According to a Financial Times article, Quanta Computer, a Taiwanese supplier of Apple has been allegedly been exploiting high school students to manufacture the Apple Watch in China. This

When is Facebook going to stop running into trouble? At least the company right now has not created any new problems but is currently facing consequences for its past ones. Its common knowledge that Facebook got into some big trouble

  Amazon is going big and fast. The ever-expanding online shopping portal juggles between its primary shopping app, the prime services and also its own grocery store! Amazon just opened its last Go store in San Fransisco, and it looks as

Facebook’s going through a lot. The company just came to know of a hack that exposed 29 million users, and the company did a bad release of its first hardware, that puts a camera and microphone in ones home. Facebook

Facebook has been releasing a ton of hardware recently, including the Facebook Portal, a device that puts Facebook’s microphone and camera into your living room. And if that is not scary, we don’t know what is. The Portal allows for

  It might seem that it's been only a few days since the new iPhone’s were announced, but Apple is already on to its next thing. Now by its next thing, we are not sure what we mean. Apple is holding a

Music is something that was always driven us for the better. Out of all the music services out there, one of the most functional and popular is Apple Music. And that is obvious. For the services that the music streaming

Why do we love Android? Isn't it because it is open, simple, and native Google apps? For most of us, yes. These are the reasons why Android has grown to be the most used mobile operating system in the world.

Let it be social media or anything else, we just hate ads, don't we? Those pesky little things might not do any real harm, nor might they obstruct our viewing experience, but we just don’t want them to be there.

Be an Android or iOS user, Google Maps has always been the go-to application for maps. The app has been on the Apple app store for a while now and is supported on the iPhone, iPad and also on the

Anyone who has recently updated their Uber app might have seen a new look. And literally, from the logo to the app itself, Uber has made some pretty significant changes. Uber has changed the logo it has had for the

Gmail is undoubtedly one of the most used email services in the world. With the array of services and features that Google offers with just one email id, many opt for this service for their online needs. Google has always