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Do you know how facebook targeted ads work? If that’s a “no”, then you’re not alone. In a recent survey conducted by Pew Research center found out that 74 percent of the users are unaware of the targeted advertising technique

Events are something that Facebook kicked off but the meetup application gained plenty of exposure out of the concept of listing out events. If Facebook really had a plan to let users attract their connection with features that promote their

Even before the privacy issue happened, Facebook had announced that they would publish the ad budget details publically to showcase the political ad campaigns which happened on Facebook. Though it didn’t happen, something scarier happened to Facebook and they’re still getting

There cannot be more fire on Facebook right now. The company has found itself struggling to survive after yet another allegation rose against the company. And of course, it is about data and how it is being misused. It has

Facebook has been trying out a lot of new products and ventures, and it is increasingly moving from the social network to selling hardware. Facebook recently released its first hardware product, a video calling device. But Facebook isn’t stopping till

Why does almost everyone have a love-hate relationship with Instagram? That would be because of its algorithm. Instagram has all the features a photo lover needs, but the app uses an algorithm that shows all the trending and top posts

Facebook’s going through a lot. The company just came to know of a hack that exposed 29 million users, and the company did a bad release of its first hardware, that puts a camera and microphone in ones home. Facebook

Facebook has been releasing a ton of hardware recently, including the Facebook Portal, a device that puts Facebook’s microphone and camera into your living room. And if that is not scary, we don’t know what is. The Portal allows for

Facebook’s breach has been one of the most discussed breaches in recent times. The social network has been under the hammer for a very long time and has dealt many severe blows. From data sourcing to hacking accounts, the social

First Facebook, and now Google. Facebook was under global scrutiny over-sharing personal data for Cambridge Analytica, and after that, the company hung its head in shame when hundreds of its accounts were hacked. Many technology companies took this as a

Facebook is under fire. The social network has faced attacks over attacks from all directions, and when things seem to be getting better, another problem comes up. But still, despite all this, the social network is still up and functioning,

Facebook is down. And that is both literal but also at the same time metaphorical. The social network has been brought under fire for privacy issues, and then was heavily hacked. This obviously has frightened a ton of people, and