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Space has always been one of the most mind-boggling mysteries for humankind. From the beginning of time, humans have always been enthralled with the mysteries that space holds and the meaning that it has for us. Among the various mysteries

What does first come to mind when you hear “blockchain company”? You would never even consider space exploration or asteroid mining. Well, that is exactly what ConsenSys, a blockchain company created by Joe Lubin has done. The company just bought

One of the many problems that we are facing right now is the lack of fuel. Scientists are already behind that, and that is coming to be a major problem that we are facing right now. But the pursuit right

If the Google Pixel 3’s camera excited you, this would just amaze you. Caltech scientists have been working on something for a while, and they have turned up with something quite amazing. Basically, it is a camera. But the more

What comes to your mind when you hear taking a trip? Maybe a road trip to your favorite national park? Or catching your flight to see your favorite cousin? Well, for us, a trip might be an exciting thing, but

Space travel is something that humans have desired from the beginning of time. Humans have also achieved that, and they have been successful in reaching the Moon and Mars. But looks like the desire does not stop there. NASA is going

Space travel and exploration. Though it is exciting, it is also very dangerous. Astronauts who go up to the space center or for any other expedition often bid their families goodbye as of for the last time, and then they

There is a new addition to the International Space Station, and it is not an astronaut. It is a robot. CIMON (Crew Interactive Mobile Companion) is an artificial robot and intelligence assistant. The bot is designed by Airbus and IBM,