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Amazon key might go public in 2019 (no, you cannot buy shares). It’s all about a service that lets your amazon package delivery guy open your garage door or front door without an actual KEY! Yes, they don’t need a key

If you’ve ever tried cooking with the help of a microwave oven, you might have understood the mathematics of getting away with it. A lot of resources including books, videos, and even podcasts tell us how to preheat and cook

The iPhone 6 bending controversy has already initiated a bending test on all Apple devices from the users and professional product reviewers side. Every time a new Apple product hits the market, YouTubers pay the price and buy the device

It definitely looks similar to LinkedIn, but it’s powerful and way better because of the intense machine learning and data that Google has in its server. Everybody thought that hangouts by Google are dying because of their new apps like

Possibly within a few months time, travelers coming to US airports will have to witness the headline maker Amazon Go stores. Amazon is discussing the opportunities with US airport authorities to open Amazon Go stores inside the airports. Amazon is looking

watchOS 5.1.2 is here and guess what? the brilliant and the most awaited ECG app is live today to all the Americans (yes, it’s definitely not for everyone in the world). Since the last September, when Apple announced their interestingly

In April 2017, Waymo by Google started signing up 400 members to test the waymo fully autonomous vehicles in Pheonix and Arizona areas. They had a clear vision about building the best autonomous vehicles for the future and they have

If you do sampling with approximately 100 people, almost 90% of them would accept the fact that artificial intelligence is the spookiest thing of the year. Professionals and celebrities like Elon Musk have started saying about artificial intelligence and the

AirPods received the worst impressions from people around the world including the Apple fans. They had thoughts like “It’s poor design, it’s super expensive (it definitely is) and it slips out of the ears very easily”. Well, all these impressions

Apart from Artificial Intelligence, there is yet another technology that everyone is looking forward to, and that is 5G. There is some tough competition for that technology too. And among the various competitors are Intel and Qualcomm. But recent developments

Everyone is pretty excited about Samsung’s new foldable phone, and all the features that such a device would hold. And given the history of smartphones, that is bound to be a trend. A company releases a feature, and other companies

Google has always been against advertisements, and it has been showing that through Chrome. The company has been stepping up its fight against websites that use pop-ups, and also websites that redirect users to other malicious websites. Though Chrome had