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Home Automation

If you’ve ever tried cooking with the help of a microwave oven, you might have understood the mathematics of getting away with it. A lot of resources including books, videos, and even podcasts tell us how to preheat and cook

Let us just be true to ourselves and agree that China has always been light years ahead of us. At a time when we still rely on guards and security services to secure locations or buildings, the Chinese have already

Remember bedtime stories? Those short stories that always brought words to life, filling your head with dreams and imaginations far more possible than anything else? To children, bedtime stories are irreplaceable. And they are important too, they help in improving

These days when one buys a particular gadget, the biggest concern is whether updates would be provided or not. Many yearn for and buy the latest gadgets, in fear that older ones would not be qualified to get the latest

Garage door is always a confusion, sometimes we forget to close it, or the shutters are just half way. All kinds of confusions happens even if we have an automatic door which could be closed with a single press of

Internet of things and the concept of smart home is fascinating and convincing enough to make you purchase your favorite smart home gadgets. Also, we should accept the fact that a big majority of the smart home devices are a

Last February at CES 2018, LG announced their Smart ThinQ technology which is powered by artificial intelligence and Internet of things. LG has a very wide view about innovating smart solutions with the daily use appliances like your refrigerator, microwave

Smart home devices needs a wifi connectivity for sure, making those devices work without a wifi connection is nothing but a dream. Even though they are connected, sometimes if a network error happens, everything goes wrong.

Voice assistants are trending like cupcakes these days. They are doing a very good job at handling day today activities of people around the globe. Companies like Amazon, Google and Apple is seriously working hard on building voice assistants and

est recently announced two smart home products known as the Nest x Yale door lock and Nest doorbell. We recently wrote about Nest doorbell, but this time it’s going to be Nest x Yale door lock. Smart door locks for smart

t was a serious time consuming job to mow even if you got a machine to help you, but wouldn’t it be more fun and comfortable if the machine itself is taking care of the complete mowing process ? That’s where

Nest recently launched their new “Nest Hello” video door bell which is smart enough to let you know who’s in front of your door. Smart home accessories like Nest thermostats, smart door locks has become viral within a very short