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Artificial Intelligence

Data, data, and data! The generation is fed up of data manipulation, data privacy, data connection and data charges. Everything’s data and a group of people still believes that data is something that helps you connect to the internet (in

It definitely looks similar to LinkedIn, but it’s powerful and way better because of the intense machine learning and data that Google has in its server. Everybody thought that hangouts by Google are dying because of their new apps like

In April 2017, Waymo by Google started signing up 400 members to test the waymo fully autonomous vehicles in Pheonix and Arizona areas. They had a clear vision about building the best autonomous vehicles for the future and they have

If you do sampling with approximately 100 people, almost 90% of them would accept the fact that artificial intelligence is the spookiest thing of the year. Professionals and celebrities like Elon Musk have started saying about artificial intelligence and the

Alzheimer’s disease is one among the very few diseases that remain uncured as of now. And this is also not any minor disease. Alzheimer’s disease affects tens of millions of people worldwide. Though there are many who say that this

It’s been only a while since AI has been released, and the software has definitely taken over the world. The software has advanced so much that now you don’t need to teach the software everything. Artificial intelligence has come to

Remember bedtime stories? Those short stories that always brought words to life, filling your head with dreams and imaginations far more possible than anything else? To children, bedtime stories are irreplaceable. And they are important too, they help in improving

AI has taken over the world, and we mean literally. The technology is getting into every industry and is changing the rules of the game. Getting things done fast, and without the need for human labor seems to be the

Personal Assistants are clearly winning over our phones, but only for the good. They help us schedule our day, organize appointments and help search whatever we need with only our voice. And undoubtedly it is the Google Assistant that is

Construction has always been an exciting yet at the same time a challenging aspect of our world. Construction brings in the opportunity of creating something new and changing the way we live. But that does not mean it is without

When is the last time you saw real life-like facial recognition? A facial recognition that scans almost your whole body, even your skin tone? Might be a sci-fi movie. But now, you don’t need to get to the movies, because

Google has brought many changes to its apps and has released updates to assist in digital wellbeing. From YouTube to its browser, it appears that the company is taking a real interest in the welfare of its users. But the